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Measure 17-97

Your Public Safety is at risk! 

Reducing the number of firefighters protecting our community puts public safety at risk. Fewer firefighters means longer response times when you and your family need them most.

Measure 17-97 renews the public safety levy and prevents laying off 66% of the firefighters protecting our community. This is not an increase in taxes. This is a renewal that will continue the high level of professional and prompt fire rescue and emergency medical services that you deserve! 

Currently, Grants Pass Fire Rescue has 2 firefighters per fire engine everyday, 6 total. That is less than half of the recommended number of firefighters by national standards. With a failure of this levy, losing 66% of your firefighters does not leave enough personnel to have all 3 engines able to respond to emergencies. This inability will lead to a station closure, leaving a large and the most prone to wildfire portion of our city at high risk. 

In 2020, just a few miles down the I-5 corridor was the Alameda Fire. This fast moving and intense fire devastated the communities of Phoenix and Talent. This year already, your Firefighters have been battling wildfires with fire activity similar to what we face mid-summer. With it only being Spring, having a reduction in firefighters means longer response times and less personnel to battle these fires, protecting your families and homes. 

In our ever growing and beautiful city, this is a catastrophe that our community cannot afford.  

Join your Firefighters in voting YES on Measure 17-97!

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